About Us

Remontoire ’68 Limited

In the world of horology, precision is of the utmost importance.

In a watch movement, the energy held within the spring barrel is transmitted through the gear train to the escapement.

However, with some watches, as the mainspring relaxes, the force supplied to the escapement diminishes, impairing accuracy. A remontoire is a device which ensures a consistent supply of force to the escapement, augmenting precision.

The notion of consistency resonates with the founders of Remontoire ’68 Limited, Stephen Lee, and his wife, Lisa Borg. This small husband and wife team are able to offer consistently high levels of customer service. Moreover, this specialist firm recognises the importance of offering interesting, commercial products.

Consumers are increasingly well informed about luxury watches and haute horlogerie. Specialist watch magazines and online publications impart vast amounts of technical information and feature high-end watch brands, some of which are seldom seen on the UK’s high street. Stephen and Lisa have sought to bring new, interesting luxury marques to the UK that provide a point of difference for its retail partners.

Remontoire ’68 Limited look to forge close working relationships with a select group of retail partners. It is the company’s belief that by collaborating with retailers, both parties can enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship. Moreover, Remontoire ’68 Limited believes that this relationship should be based on mutual respect, trust and an appreciation that the field of luxury needs professional retailers.

Stephen and Lisa look forward to working with you.